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The magic of Professor Chrome Dome
Birthdays & Parties
Who is Professor Chrome Dome?

He is a family entertainer who uses magic to amuse, educate, and bewilder his audience.

Professor Chrome Dome knows and loves children. That is why he is a children's entertainment specialist.

He is more than a dazzling magician - he's an entertainer and entrancer of children. Children laugh, shout and have a great time. The PROFESSOR gets kids involved by letting them help him perform his magic. He makes each child feel special, because he believes they are important.


1. Tales of Magic and Adventure (3-5yrs)
2. The Genie and 3 Wishes (5-6yrs)
3. A Pirate Adventure (5-6yrs)
4. Party Magic (6-8yrs)
5. Magic Lesson (8-11yrs)
6. Family Magic Show (12-92yrs)

1. Tales of Magic and Adventure.
For Children 3-5 yrs.

A visit from "CHROMIE the Elf" takes your child and his or her friends into a world of fantasy and imagination, through tales of magic and adventure.

Will the children ever convince the magician that the "cookie monster" is running next door to the bakery?

Will the dwarf use the magical spell correctly, and escape becoming a dinner for the mean giant?

Will the magical fool the King three times, and win the pot of gold?

These and other delights await your child on his or her birthday
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2. The Genie and 3 Wishes
For Children 5-6 yrs.

The GENIE begins the program by giving his wand to several of the children, and having them perform feats of magic. Then the birthday child stars in a play by finding a brass bottle that contains a sleeping GENIE. Upon rubbing the bottle, the GENIE appears and grants his new master 3 wishes. The first wish is to become a sorcerer and perform great feats of magic. The second wish is to go on a magical adventure and find the "all seeing eye," and read his/her mother's mind. The third wish is to fly on a magic carpet. The GENIE makes them all come true. Truly a birthday to be remembered.
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3. A Pirate Adventure
For children 5-6 yrs.

The birthday child will receive a complementary treasure map, and proclamation, on parchment paper, stating that he/she is a pirate. As an honored member of the pirate band, he /she has earned the right to look for magical clues to help locate the hidden treasure. Our magical adventure takes us to an island of sorcerers, skeletons, trolls, dragons, castles, Kings and Queens, and HIDDEN TREASURE.
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4. Party Magic
For Children 6-8 yrs.

A party isn't a party without balloons, potato chips, popcorn, candy, soft drinks and presents. PROFESSOR CHROME DOME performs a magic trick with each of these articles, and then produces a three layer birthday cake, just to warm up the party. Then it's story time, with many members of the audience playing roles. Finally, the birthday child is the "star of the show," (top hat, cape and wand), and with a little help, actually performs magic using a member of the audience as an assistant.
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5. Magic Lesson
For Children 8-11 yrs.

The birthday child and his/her guests will be inducted into the mysterious secrets of conjuring - the MAGIC ART. They will learn to defy gravity, and suspend objects; infuse inanimate objects with life; pass solid objects through one another; vanish a coin; make something appear; cut and restore a string; and much much more. In addition to teaching, PROFESSOR CHROME DOME will amaze and entertain you with his baffling magic. This is truly a magical birthday part.
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6. Family Magic Show
For Children 12-92 yrs.

An exciting, fast moving, one hour magic show with a flair for comedy and fun. The program includes audience participation, and is filled with vanishes, subtle sleight-of-hand, and illusions.
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