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The magic of Professor Chrome Dome
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Who is Professor Chrome Dome?

As an educator of engineering with over 20 years of college teaching experience, and over 20 years of entertaining as an professional magician, PROFESSOR CHROME DOME has combined his teaching and performing experiences into a series of educational programs.

Each program is designed to meet a very specific set of educational goals. The magic is then used to support those goals, and to provide an exciting learning environment. These exhilarating, affordable programs can be provided for assemblies, classroom activities, or library residencies.


I. 4-6 yrs
II. 6-12 yrs
III. 11-13 yrs
IV. 8-12 yrs

I. 35 minutes, 4-6 yrs.
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: The PROFESSOR created this show to meet the recommendations of the National Safety Council. Among the safety hints and techniques he communicates during the show are:

  1. Know your name, address, and phone number
  2. Strangers may hurt you
  3. What do you do with strangers
  4. Don't take candy, money or rides from a stranger
  5. Code words
  6. Stop Light Safety
  7. Fire and Firecracker Safety
  8. Safety Rules

SELF ESTEEM: The PROFESSOR has designed this program to teach children that each person is unique ("one of a kind"), and that uniqueness is normal, acceptable, and desirable. When children discover that being unique is beneficial, they can begin to value themselves.

TEETH ARE NEAT: The PROFESSOR talkes about how the dentist is our friend and how he/she helps to keep teeth and gums healthy, and our smile bright. He uses his magic to emphasize the importance of brushing, flossing and periodic check ups.

IMAGINATION MAGIC SHOW: How does one describe the concept of "imagination: to a child? The PROFESSOR simply tells them that it is "pictures in your mind!" Then, he spins tales of sorcerers, dragons, pirates, kings and queens. So vivid are these descriptions, that children can almost taste, smell, feel and hear the sounds of adventure. These magical stories of fantasy and imagination keep both child and adult spell bound.

ENVIRO-MAGIC SERIES: Three separate magic shows that focus on the environment utilizing the PROFESSOR'S unique style of teaching through entertainment.

    1. What are rain forests?
    2. How is our drinking water being effected?
    3. How do trees help us breathe?
    4. How is our soil and water being contaminated?
    1. Why should we recycle?
    2. Which items?
    3. What can we do to help?
    1. What does this mean?
    2. What animals are becoming extinct
    3. Why?
    4. What can we do to help?

II. 45 minutes, 6-12 yrs.
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: A unique approach to drug education. The PROFESSOR stresses self-esteem and the inner strength to say "no" when you are the only one saying "no." Examples are given through audience participation and role-playing.

I LOVE TO READ: The PROFESSOR discusses the care and respect of books, and how many different things you can learn by visiting the library and reading. You can even learn how to become a magician by reading.

III. 45 minutes, 11-13 yrs.
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: The PROFESSOR discusses some of the basic laws of matter and energy using language children understand, with entertaining analogies, and lots of laughs. He covers the difference between heat and temperature, force and pressure, and mass and weight. HE also includes the states of matter (solid, liquid and gas), gravity and inertia. He performs experiments demonstrating each topic, and then uses his magic to violate laws of physics.

IV. one hour, 8-12 yrs.
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: The PROFESSOR will induct his students into the mysterious secrets of conjuring - the MAGIC ART. Students will learn to : defy gravity and suspend objects; infuse inanimate objects with life; pass solid objects through one another, vanish something; make something appear, cut and restore objects, and much more. In addition to his teaching, he will amaze and entertain the class with his baffling magic.


An exciting, fast moving, 45 minute, magic show with flair for comedy and fun. The program includes audience participation, and is filled with vanishes, subtle sleight-of-hand, and illusions.